Let's leave a better world to our Children and better children to our world!

This evening as I was talking with my sister, and she was telling me about a few things she is doing At Cidade do Saber, one new member of the team in less than 2 weeks managed to receive a donation from England of 20 Computers, and in a speech to some local small business people she was telling them you have no idea how good you will feel when you do something to help, it makes you feel prettier/handsome, your hair shine, you feel like smiling, it is good for your heart and your health... :) :) She got what she wanted :)) !!

And another project for extended classroom hours.

As 99% of the children here have just the meal they eat at school, it is done in a way to have some nutritional balance and basically it consists of Rice, Beans and I am guessing here meat... I am not sure.

For the new Extended Classrooms they were planning to repeat exactly the same food, in the afternoon, she questioned it, and very adequately said why don't we make a balanced meal but add things that children like? These children never have an ice cream, a hot dog, a cake, why can't we make something that They Wish they could eat and can't? They now are doing the new menu :)

But as I came to the computer and started to think, I almost started to cry as I thought how this is NOT the way things should be... these children are the future and we need to treat them better.

My sister and friends in real life and virtual life makes me proud, and humble as how little I am doing. Sometimes to help I need to be a little distant or I would have a broken heart all the time and that would do no good either.

So I am thinking ... going to do some research... will keep you posted :)

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