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Memories Of My Grandmother

Time goes by, this nobody can prevent even if there intensions and will wish it were not so and as much as I in my thoughts am longing to reenter the past I can not for the past is not a place nor a time but images of things that have transformed themselves in to the present.

Part One

As for myself; I am 82 years of age and so much time has passed between that winter in which started me to being what I always knew… Continue

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Letter To Hillary Clinton

A satirical story of fiction concerning Poland’s ex first lady that perhaps contains some political reality though its purpose is basically to entertain adults with a very strong sexual encounter.

Dear, Hilary

The other day something happened that I simply have to tell you about and if there is one person I know who can keep a secret I know it is you. As you know I love doing… Continue

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Are Italians Good At Football?

The precise year eludes my memory but it is with certainty that I claim that it was sometime between the 1974 World Cup in Germany and the 1978 World Cup in Argentina that I decided to see what all the hullabaloo about football was when I decided to join my father in watching a match. It is not that I do not remember who was playing but I just did not think to ask as I was more concerned about learning how the game was played.

As for my father, whose name was also Gianni (who passed… Continue

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Paying Rasputin's Cure

A short story featuring the Siberian “holly man”, Rasputin based on a scene in a film in once saw.

It was so many year ago that he past through my village in Siberia, on his way to Moscow. His name I did not know at the time as he was referred to simply as a “holly man”. I do however recall him stopping by my house and curing my father of the problem his back had been giving him for so long that it would not allow him to work our… Continue

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Italy vs. Brazil, Football’s Clash Of Titans

An article about the great anticipation that preceded the 1994 World Cup final between Italy and Brazil, which was for the right to be the first team to claim four titles.

It was going to be Italy vs. Brazil in the final of USA 94, two powerful rivals meeting head to head for the right to claim their fourth world cup title and if ever there was a classic in world cup football, this was one. There are some that might go as far as to say that out of all the great encounters in world… Continue

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Dedicated To Ayrton Senna

It all happened for me one day during one of many stays in South America, more specifically while in Santiago, Chile when I woke up early on a Sunday morning in order to take advantage of the early light to get some good shots of my neighborhood. It was this place and time of the day that was ideal for me; who was a photographer way back then in 1992.

It was on that Sunday in May after shooting a role of film that I decided to go home and catch the Formula one race on television; the… Continue

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Some Ideas On How To Spend A Great New Year’s Eve At Home

Now, that Christmas has come and gone leaving us with so many fine memories of decorated trees along with presents it is time to think of New Year’s eve, that last day of the year in which we for some reason find to be significant enough to hold an all out, no holds bared celebration for. Well regardless of weather or not the evening which ends one year and starts the next is cause to party long in to the night is not the point of this article… Continue

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My First Christmas Tree

An article about the first Christmas tree I ever bought which inspired me to continue celebrating this season with first my wife then daughter.

My first Christmas tree is something I will never forget however it is not the one that was in my house when I was growing up that I am referring to but the first one I ever went out and purchased some 12 years ago. The year was 1995 and the day was a Friday as well as the first day of the month of December when I found myself sitting at home… Continue

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How To Get The Perfect Christmas Present

Getting the perfect present for that somebody on our list is not as hard as it may seem but of course we should always take in to consideration that perfection takes on a different meaning in everybody’s mind. For instance there are those whose love for winter sports make them the perfect candidates to receive a lovely new pair of skis or poles however if I be the case then this would be the furthest thing from my desires as I do solemnly detest anything that may have the slightest connection… Continue

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The Wonder Of Christmas

An article about Christmas and how it has come to be celebrated by so many through out the world, some of which are even atheistic in their believes while others are of religions not of the Christian variety who in spite of which have come to treasure Christmas. Yet, it all that be Christmas some Christians do not uphold it believing it pagan; as it is not mentioned in any way shape or form in the bible’s “New Testament”.

There are some conversations which for some reason or other we… Continue

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Gianni Truvianni's List Of Great Christmas Films

An article about the great films of Christmas which have delighted us through the years during this most special holiday season.

There are many a Christmas film to entertain during this most special time of year and in spite of this tradition not going back as far as the music and stories that accompany this season; it has become just as much apart of Christmas as any other. Christmas films; now a days are just as eagerly awaited as perhaps the season itself by cinema goers all over… Continue

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The Many Ways Of Spending Christmas

Many are the ways of Christmas changing from country to country taking on numerous shapes and colors as diverse as the peoples who first started them for those who through the course of time turned them in to traditions. It is strange and wonderful how dissimilar all these Christmas habits are, ranging from waiting till January 6, “Dia de Los Reyes” (Day of Kings) to open up ones presents (tradition practiced in Spain) to Poland where people do not even delay till Christmas day as their… Continue

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Gianni Truvianni's Recommendations For A Christmas Full Of Great Music

An article about all the great songs and carols connected with this time of year known as Christmas which like our trees help to make this time of year bright. Along with the performers who through their talent and voice have brought life to those carols and songs most of us have known so well through out our lives as they make us feel that Christmas time is upon us.

It is without much room for doubt, safe to say that no other holiday (religious or secular), or day of the year or… Continue

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GFW blocks Ning

China' GFW blocks NING networks since months.
Also no access to facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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The Personal Trainer! - A fun story but I can understand her sooo much LOL

For my 50th birthday, my husband purchased a week of personal training . . .

. . . at the local health club for me. Although I am still in great shape since playing on my high school softball team, I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and give it a try. I called the club and made my reservations with a personal trainer I'll call Bruce, who identified himself as a 26 year old aerobics instructor and model for athletic clothing and swim wear. My husband seemed pleased with my… Continue

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Some Friends I follow on… Continue

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The leading, advanced, cousciousness raised

The leading, advanced, consciousness raised Truth knowledge of the Hindu-Asian people, as I have described, be the Hindu Chador-Burkha. The complete body covering including head and face. We are advised to not be chasing the spurious excitements of a careless and wild youth.

The Truth factual as per illusion, and other difficulties such as pollutants, defilements, is long known. Our books state simple Truth, that:

"Karma-klesa ksayan nirvana. Karma-klesa vikalpatah te… Continue

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This evening as I was talking with my sister, and she was telling me about a few things she is doing At Cidade do Saber, one new member of the team in less than 2 weeks managed to receive a donation from England of 20 Computers, and in a speech to some local small business people she was telling them you have no idea how good you will feel when you do something to help, it makes you feel prettier/handsome, your hair shine, you feel like smiling, it is good for your heart and your health... :)… Continue

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To my dostei, to my friends at Lisi Silveira

I did almost forget to remember to not lose my temperwhen I got banned from the other place. But it was like the cold storm and hot storm; because I recalled a true fact of our Royal India-One Asian life culture, and I decided to speak Truth and not fiction deals. I am sure that fiction can be a wonderful thing, and art. But the fact of Royal India-One Asia culture factual history which I thought about at the time and it made me go wild - - - There be today a Royal family in India, and a before… Continue

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Law of Attraction Creations for Today :)

Hello my Incredible friends :)

I am so grateful to have you as my friends,

and readers of these messages.

Thank You so much for being you.

Here are your Law of Attraction Creations for today :)…

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